What do you do when you by a car? Do you go to a dealer with no idea what you need it for? Does the sales person say "Sure this compact car will be great for pulling a boat or camper. What does it matter? It's got an engine and four wheels doesn't it? Beside this is all we know. What more do you want?"

Of course this isn't what happens. If it did you would probably keep looking. You at least know what you need a car for and you hope the sales person will ask the right questions and point you to a vehicle that will give you the most for your money. When you need computer support it should be the same way. You should go to your support person with a certain need and they should listen and recommend a system or systems that would do the best job. If they can't recommend more than one choice then maybe you need to keep looking.

At MicroHelp we are hear to listen to what your needs are and help you pick out what will work best for you. We have been working with personal computers since they first came on the market and we know what works and what doesn't for many different types of businesses.