MicroHelp is a full service Information Technology company that is located near Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We help companies and individuals in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our services range from helping our customers with one facet of their business to setting up whole networks and putting in place all the software and hardware. We are diverse with the types of companies we have helped. Some of the industries include:

- Healthcare
- Printing/publishing
- Manufacturing
- Law offices
- Photographers
- Advertising
- Auto repair
- Schools
- Home users

The main services we offer are:

- Networking
- Server setup/administration
- Workstation setup/administration
- Software setup/recommendation
- Web site setup/administration
- Email setup/administration
- Database Development
- Desktop Publishing
- Virus/Spyware/Malware removal

But our services aren’t limited there. With years of IT experience, we excel at finding solutions to every situation. Having a broad knowledge of computer systems gives us the ability to accomplish just about anything.

Our knowledge doesn't stop at one operating system either. Most consulting firms BGCompImageVert.jpghave a lot of knowlege about Windows™ but mention something else and they will wonder why you would even "think different". We've been supporting the Macintosh operating system for just as long as we've been supporting MS-DOS and Windows™. Each computer has it's place and we will tell you where it fits into your business.